10 Upgrades Home Upgrade Pros Recommend


It can be fun to perform your own home improvement projects. Upgrading your residential property comes with a lot of benefits, especially when you consider that people’s needs and interests increase as they age. Whether it’s to make more space for a growing family, build a new section for your new hobby, or enhance an area you feel is outdated, home improvement projects will always achieve the goal of personal growth and development. Those reasons are why homeowners in America are projected to make at least three projects in 2024, up one from nine years ago according to HIRI’s 2023 Project Decision Study. If you are a homeowner, you might be thinking of what to try and improve for your own home improvement plans.

Of course, the first things to come to mind might be the common ones. Kitchen renovations, repainting walls, and curb appeal enhancements will be at the top of the list. However, home upgrade pros will tell you that there are more projects that can both improve and stabilize your residential property. The house is an investment, and ensuring that it remains functional for decades will turn it into a valuable asset. Here are a few recommendations to consider from home upgrade pros for this year’s improvement plans.

1. Water Softening

When someone asks you what the most valuable pieces of your home are, you might go straight to your furniture, memorabilia, or appliances. However, you will find that the most valuable is hidden beneath the surface. Water is a daily necessity for homeowners, and having access to a clean and healthy version of it is a must-have for any home. It might not be immediately part of the home improvement project list, but home upgrade pros will definitely recommend getting it checked from time to time.

The plumbing network can benefit from enhancements. Water continuously flowing inside corroded pipes might carry elements that could be harmful to people’s health. Replacing or upgrading those pipes will help ensure that the water you get remains sanitary and clean. Of course, making those changes to the pipes will also require you to look at the other essential plumbing features. The water treatment systems might need enhancements to ensure that the water gets rid of the minerals that bypass the outdated version. The home improvements might not be as visible as you want, but home upgrade pros know that the enhancements behind the walls are the best projects if you want longevity and reliability for your home.

2. Furnace Inspections

Home upgrade pros will always prioritize comfort over aesthetics, so homeowners should follow suit. When it comes to comfort indoors, no other variable affects it more than temperature. Harsh weather can make your home uncomfortable for months, and the only way to combat it is to ensure your home’s HVAC system can handle it. One feature to consider in particular is the furnace, which will be vital when protecting the household against winter.

The furnace you have at home might require constant maintenance and repairs. Having it malfunction on days when they are absolutely needed might not be ideal because even one day of not using it could result in hypothermia. Home upgrade pros will recommend getting furnace services if that happens to your household. Having the feature inspected will ensure you can make the essential upgrades to make your home comfortable 24/7. Smart thermostats are also ideal to install, but utilizing the furnace will be your best bet to ensure comfort during the harsh cold season.

3. Storm Safety

Another essential aspect of home enhancements that professionals want anyone to prioritize is safety. You must ensure your house is secured before you perform your desired home improvement projects. Of course, knowing the threats your property is vulnerable to will be the first step to identifying the safety-centric improvements you can make. After careful deliberation, you will find that there is nothing more damaging to a home than hurricanes.

Storms can wreak havoc on any residential property. While there is nothing people can do to prevent hurricanes, they can take measures to protect their homes from them. If your house has a lot of glass windows or walls, you can invest in local hurricane shutters to prevent shatter. Flooding might also be a common problem, making it necessary to upgrade the drainage system that prevents floods from entering your home. Safety during storms will also require you to dedicate a space that can shield you from cave-ins, with basement fortifications becoming an essential improvement project. These safety measures might not be the first home enhancements you want to make, but they are essential for your family’s protection.

4. New Roofing

Homeowners who want to make home improvements will automatically turn their attention to the most visible space. Fortunately, home upgrade pros know where to look. They are aware of the often neglected areas that require home improvements, and the roof is almost certainly one feature that homeowners forget. The roof is the primary safety feature of the home, making it essential to upgrade when there are problems present.

Of course, homeowners might find it too risky to inspect and perform renovations themselves. As a result, roofing services from professionals are essential. They have the safety gear, equipment, and knowledge to perform improvements on the roof, ensuring that the essential structure remains well-maintained and updated. Moreover, they can make aesthetic improvements to ensure the roof blends with any upgrades you make to your home, making roofing services worth every penny.

5. Septic Updates

It can be challenging for homeowners to think about the dirty work, but home upgrade pros recommend giving it the attention it deserves. The septic system, in particular, is working hard to ensure that wastewater remains unseen. Unfortunately, homeowners might end up forgetting about them for decades until an issue pops up. That issue could be messy, disastrous, and unhealthy, making it necessary to secure septic services before a problem arises.

Septic services will be necessary to assess the system’s functionality, ensuring that preventive measures are taken. Reinforcing the pipes, replacing the septic tank, and upgrading the pumps might be necessary steps to improve the essential system. Since most of the septic system is underground, you might have to secure a permit to ensure you can make changes to it. There will be no visible changes, but knowing that your septic system is functioning properly is enough to keep you confident that you made the right home improvement decision.

6. Concrete Patios

Concrete is one of the major elements you can find outside your home. It is the primary material for patios, which are essential features for functionality and aesthetics. While often reliable and durable enough to withstand weather, concrete can still show signs of wear and tear. Potholes, cracks, and stubborn marks might appear, leading to trip hazards or a visually unappealing appearance. If your patio is an essential place for the family, you might want to start your home improvement projects there.

Fortunately, homeowners can rely on a concrete company to improve the patio’s floor. The company’s services can also encompass other areas with concrete, like driveways and pathways. Those areas might also require attention, especially with kids using those areas as playgrounds. Home upgrade pros know the importance of fixing concrete cracks, especially in a space that your family uses often. If you do not have a patio, you can install a concrete one for your home. It can be a durable amenity that invites socialization, which is good for the family’s well-being. Fortunately, concrete patios are affordable enough to help families dedicate more budget to other home improvement projects.

7. Asphalt

Of course, not all households have concrete pathways and driveways. Asphalt is often the alternative for the material, and home upgrade pros will recommend improving it from time to time. Because of how durable and flexible it is, asphalt can be used in plenty of outdoor features as well. Moreover, the material is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. If you want home improvement projects focused on improving curb appeal, you can start with asphalt-based features.

An asphalt driveway should be your first attempt at an outdoor improvement project. Home upgrade pros will recommend asphalt because of its noise-absorption capabilities. It can reduce noise from a car’s engine and transmission, ensuring you can maintain a peaceful environment. Moreover, asphalt can withstand harsh temperatures, being able to survive the freeze-thaw cycle of winter and the intense heat during summer. Asphalt installation is affordable, making it convenient to add professional services to your home improvement projects when building your asphalt driveway.

8. Plumbing

Since you are already focusing on improving water flow within your house by improving the septic system and the water-softening features, you might want to add plumbing to the list. The pipe network might require improvements, especially when you’ve done patchwork to cover leaks. To prevent an inevitable burst, taking care of your plumbing system now can help ensure you always have access to water.

Plumbers can offer plenty of innovative solutions to update your plumbing system, ensuring both functionality and cost-effectiveness. They can install tankless water heaters and smart plumbing systems to get rid of outdated versions and make you feel more confident about accessing clean water. They also have technological capabilities to minimize the destruction of walls and floors when getting to pipes. Plumbers can also make suggestions that can help improve the plumbing network, like water purification to make tap water healthy to drink. Those improvements can add significant value to your property, making the project satisfying to pursue.

9. Sandblasting

You might already have the ideal amenities for your home, especially in the outdoor area. An aesthetic modern garage, a basketball hoop, and even a swimming pool might be part of the design, and you might no longer have other wishes to improve the area. However, maintaining those amenities, as well as the home facade, will be necessary to maintain an aesthetic curb appeal. Rust, peeling paint, and moss can be eyesores in those areas. Fortunately, you can take sandblasters to remove those surface issues and make your amenities and home facade look brand new.

Sandblasting involves removing contaminants by propelling an abrasive material against surfaces. Whether it is air or water, sandblasting can keep home materials clean. Wood, metal, glass, and stone make up most of the home’s surfaces, and they can be sandblasted. You can keep the amenities and features of your home pristine. However, sandblasting requires you to hire professionals. They have the safety gear and equipment to perform the task efficiently. You can have them perform sandblasting on various home surfaces, making it feel brand new even if you have not made any investments in renovations and improvements yet.

10. Landscaping

If there is anything that can improve curb appeal the most, it is landscaping. The home improvement project that most home upgrade pros will recommend is ensuring that you have a green and healthy environment to make your exterior attractive. Whether you want to enjoy a comfortable residential property or plan to sell it in a few years’ time, you can never go wrong with a beautiful and well-maintained garden as a home improvement project.

You can start with the basics of letting grass and plants grow. You can be strategic with the placements, ensuring you can create a harmonious environment with a good walkable layout and a healthy space. Of course, maintaining the area will be necessary to ensure it remains healthy. Trees, in particular, might need trimming when branches start to overgrow and threaten the home’s structural integrity. You can get professional tree cutting services to ensure trees remain in an ideal shape. Getting a gardener might also be essential, especially when you do not have the time to water plants or mow the grass. A garden will always be the improvement project that home upgrade pros will recommend, making it a top choice for investment.

Listening to the pros can ensure you have a home you can enjoy at all times. Of course, you might have your own version, and there’s nothing wrong with having preferences. Still, it is ideal to listen to their ideas, especially when you might miss out on them.


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