How Businesses Can Secure Commercial Assets From Crime

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Businesses have a lot of valuable assets that need to be protected. From commercial property and inventory to the data stored on company computers, there’s a lot at stake. Unfortunately, crime can happen in any setting, so businesses need to take steps to secure their assets from would-be criminals. Here are some ways businesses can secure their assets from crime.

Install security cameras and keep footage up-to-date

Businesses should install security cameras to protect their assets from crime. Security cameras can help businesses monitor what’s going on in their premises, identify thieves and other criminals, and provide footage that can be used as evidence if needed. In addition, up-to-date footage can help businesses track any criminal activity that may have taken place on their property.

To ensure the proper installation of the cameras, businesses should work with a company offering commercial CCTV installation services. The company should have the equipment and knowledge to install the equipment in strategic areas of the office.

Keep all entrances and exits locked and monitored

Businesses should also keep all their exits and entrances locked at all times. Not only can this prevent criminals from sneaking into the premises, but it can also help secure assets that may be lying around in these areas. In addition, any unlocked doors allow potential criminals easy access to a business’ building and its grounds.

Businesses need to make sure that security is present during opening hours. An entry point security guard should be stationed at all access points to ensure these areas are monitored and no one sneaks inside unnoticed.

Protect your most valuable assets with the right insurance policy

Businesses need to protect their core business assets with the right insurance policy, especially if they carry expensive equipment or stock. A business personal property insurance policy covers the losses of a company in case its property gets damaged or stolen. This can include office equipment and furniture, computers and mobile devices, stock, and more.

A good insurance policy should also cover other general liabilities that can arise in a business’s day-to-day operations. For example, if an employee slips and falls, the business may be held liable for any damage. A general liability insurance policy can help reduce this risk to a business’ assets by covering any damages that result from negligence or mistakes made by employees.

Maintain a clear line of sight to all entrances and exits

Businesses should ensure there is a clear line of sight to every entrance and exit point. This reduces the chances of criminals sneaking in unnoticed. The security company can help businesses identify access points where visibility isn’t good, and make recommendations on how they can be improved.

These are some ways businesses can secure their assets from crime. By installing security cameras and keeping all entrances and exits locked, businesses can protect their most valuable assets including their equipment and stock. In addition, a good insurance policy can help reduce risk to a business’ assets by covering damages that result from carelessness or negligence by employees.

Restrict access to key areas only to authorized personnel

Businesses also need to restrict access to key areas of the office only to authorized personnel. If employees don’t have access to certain areas, it makes it more difficult for criminals who may be posing as staff members and carrying out illicit activities.

Employees should always require some form of identification before they’re allowed into restricted areas such as storage or stock rooms. Businesses should also check that the people working for them hold legal documents to be employed in their business.

Store data in an encrypted format

To protect company data, businesses need to store it in an encrypted format. This is especially important when storing customer information that can be used by criminals to commit identity fraud or steal credit card details. To safely encrypt the data on mobile devices, businesses should ensure employees use strong passwords with letters, numbers, and special characters.

Protect yourself against cybercrime by investing in data loss prevention software

Businesses also need to protect themselves against cybercrime by investing in data loss prevention (DLP) software. DLP is an important part of a company’s security since it uses algorithms and other techniques to monitor the workplace for any unauthorized sharing or transmission of sensitive information on USB drives, email, IMs, and more.

With DLP software, businesses can ensure data is encrypted on USB drives before being transferred between computers in the office. This helps prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information that can be used to commit fraud or identity theft by employees who are unaware of the risks they’re posing to their company’s assets.

There are many things businesses can do to protect their most important assets from crime. Protecting the business allows it to stay profitable and can attract new customers to patronize its products and services in the market.


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