Real Estate Strategies: How to Become a Successful Landlord

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The real estate sector is making a substantial pivotal shift this year to ensure that every American has shelter during the pandemic. This shift is going towards rental properties. This makes it an excellent time to become a landlord and rent out your properties instead of selling them today.

Homes are becoming more expensive due to the housing shortage in the US. This makes selling homes a lot harder than before. As a result, competition is stiff, and homebuyers are looking for alternatives than purchasing an expensive home. One well-known option and one that experts support is to rent a property until the market stabilizes.

Rental properties have increased recently due to the shift in the market. As a result, properties are coveted now more than ever. However, don’t expect your tenants to last too long since many of them are considering purchasing a home in the future. Regardless, now is the best time to get into the market if you’ve been eyeing it for quite some time.

Choose an Area With High Price-to-Rent Ratio

If you haven’t chosen a property to purchase and rent yet, we’re going to start with a simple but intelligent tip for you, and that is to choose a place with a high price-to-rent ratio.

Essentially, the price-to-rent ratio is calculated by dividing the average price of homes by the average rent of properties in a state. It’s a clever way of knowing where the market is the strongest. A state with a high price-to-rent ratio will likely have more tenants because homes there are more expensive. On the other hand, states with a low price-to-rent ratio are likely to have more homebuyers.

This means that choosing a place with a high price-to-rent ratio gives you access to more tenants. However, if your property is in an area with a low price-to-rent ratio, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your landlord career. With some marketing, you’ll get tenants in no time.

Market Your Property

Marketing is important in the world of real estate, but many tend to take it for granted. Many landlords and sellers in the industry think that marketing is only for big real estate companies. However, there are now many marketing options for small-time landlords starting in the industry.

Online Ads

Online ads are much cheaper now. For a few dollars, you can put your property on Google. However, local ads are the most effective way you can reach tenants. With a few word searches, they should be able to see your property.

Moreover, you should consider partnering with some landlord sites. These sites will give you a chance to post your property on their site for a small fee. It’s a cheap but effective marketing tactic.

If you don’t want to spend any money at all, consider posting your property on social media sites or sites like Craigslist. This isn’t a focused ad, so it will take some time before you get decent leads. However, this increases your online presence, making it a worthwhile strategy.


Another marketing option that many landlords and home sellers don’t utilize is referrals. You can give a small referral fee to marketers and people that lead potential tenants into your property. It’s a smart option if you have some money to spend and want to have tenants fast.

Diversify Your Properties

If you’re only renting one kind of property, then you’re going to be restricted to one side of the market. However, if you start investing in other types of properties, then you’re giving yourself more opportunities in the market.

Experts suggest that diversifying properties for landlords is crucial now more than ever. Renting vacation homes is a great investment choice, and it’s considered quite similar to having some office space in your properties portfolio. So if you have some funds to spend, start investing in other properties aside from your given market. Trust us. It’ll increase your revenue two-fold by the end of the year.

Keep Updated With New Landlord Laws

Lastly, you need to keep yourself updated with new laws covering your industry. Landlord laws change quite frequently, and it’s one of the markets with the most revisions in the country. The laws you know today might change tomorrow. So you need to know these laws and read up on them frequently.

If you don’t know how to keep updated with current laws, you should subscribe to the newsletter of many law sites. These sites will send you e-mails regarding topics you are interested in, not just landlord laws. So make sure to sign-up for them whenever you can.

Getting tenants can be quite challenging, but if you follow the tips we’ve indicated above, you should have tenants right in front of your property in no time. So make sure to utilize cheap marketing strategies and diversify your properties whenever you can, to ensure that you maximize your revenue in this industry.


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