Real Estate Investing: What Stops People From Investing in Real Estate

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Real estate investing is a great way to start one’s investing journey. But then, only a few brave souls are willing to take the risk. One can have different reasons behind their hesitancy to embrace real estate investing. Some reasons can be valid. But for others, it is simply a matter of one’s readiness to take the risk or willingness to learn.

Are you keen on investing in real estate but haven’t actually taken the risk? One of the following could be the real reason behind your hesitation to start your investing journey.

Saving for a Deposit Is Difficult

Today’s consumer culture makes it tricky to save a big amount of money for a real estate down payment. It does not matter if you plan on buying your own house and lot first or want to start investing in vacant land for sale. Consumers never run out of the things they want to have and things they need to pay for.

Without discipline and a solid financial goal, one finds it easier to spend money they don’t have. This is evident with the amount of credit card debts and loan debts people have. Many of us are willingly swiping away our credit cards even if we know we don’t have the funds to pay for the items we are buying.

The moment we start being more responsible with our finances, the easier it will be to save for a deposit. We need to stop being clueless when it comes to spending and saving. What everyone needs is the will to live below their means and start saving aggressively.

Lack of Knowledge and Reluctance to Learn

Many people have little-to-zero knowledge when it comes to real estate investing. But despite this fact, many would not dare learn more about this type of investment. They simply like the idea of real estate investing but are not doing anything to learn more about it.

One’s lack of knowledge and unwillingness to take time and learn leads them to believe many investing myths. For one, they may not know that there are other forms of real estate investing aside from buying land, a house, or a rental. Some may be aware of flipping houses, but not all are taking their time to learn about the other ways one can start in real estate investing.

If this is your reason and you are really interested in investing, make sure you dedicate time to learn about the basics. This will give you an idea of the different ways you can invest, how much money you need to get started, and which one will best suit your situation. Open up to learning and learn from your mistakes and you will finally find your stride.

Not Wanting to Take Risks

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Investing is not for average people who want a steady paycheck. It is not for those who are unwilling to walk through uncertainty and are afraid about what other people will say. They won’t take risks because they are afraid of failure.

Remember that investing is not easy. It is risky and takes a lot of patience and hard work. Many people also don’t like the fact that you can’t really trust everyone in the real estate industry.

Not all sellers are honest about their properties. Some lenders are targeting clueless buyers by making them sign contracts with high-interest fees. Not all real estate agents work with your best interest in mind.

Unless you start gaining confidence and are willing to take risks, you really won’t be comfortable with investing. This is since investing comes with a lot of decision-making and risk-taking. The good news is, risk-taking is a learnable skill you can start working on.

Inability to Get a Loan Approval

Some people have enough down payment saved up but still need more money to invest. This makes it a must for them to get a loan. The problem is that they can’t get loan approval.

This usually happens to people who are self-employed or are living on a pension. You may have a regular income and enough deposit in your bank. But if you are buying a property, you need to borrow more funds to be able to afford the sale.

What one can do is to reach out to banks and lenders and for the real reason their loans are getting approved. Ask what you can do to get approved on your next application. Know that they will answer your questions the best way they can since these are still businesses wanting more people to be their paying customers.

Many reasons hold people back from real estate investing. Some find it hard to save enough deposit while others are unable to get a loan. Others are clueless but are not doing anything to learn while some won’t take a step out of their comfort zone. The moment you overcome these four obstacles, that is the time you can finally start diversifying your portfolio and experience the joys that real estate investing can bring into your life.


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