Living on Your Own Terms: Start With Your Own Space

living alone

Living independently is synonymous with having freedom. Freedom in this sense means being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

You can invite anyone you want. You can go home whatever time you want. If you don’t feel like cleaning up for the day, you don’t have to. Nobody’s going to scold you or get mad at you, because it’s your own territory.

If in your 30s, it is of utmost importance that you have your own space. Imagine living with your parents and your date wants to accompany you back to your home?

You’re conflicted because it’s only a first date and you have no intention of introducing him or her to the family yet. Or what if you really like this date to continue, but it’s uncomfortable because your parents are home? If you have your own space, this will never be a problem.

That is why as soon as you hit your 30s or even in your 20s if you have the capacity, budget, and courage, you should start living by yourself. You will find that taking on the responsibility of having your own space reaps its own rewards. It allows you to learn and experience a lot of things that you won’t get to have when living with another person.

Question is, how do you start?

Know what you want.

The first thing you need to identify is why you want to have your own space, and where do you want it to be? What kind of lifestyle are you looking forward to having?

Some people decide to move and live on their own because they want to have a space closer to school or work. In that case, start looking for apartments that suit your purpose. If you want to be closer to friends and experience that vibrant city life, then move to a district that will bring you closer to the kind of experience you want.

Or it could be that you just want to experience living by yourself but don’t want to necessarily be away from your family. In that case, you can decide to find a place closer to home. It’s a great balance between having the opportunity to test if you really can survive on your own and having the convenience to quickly go to your parents’ house for advice.

Once you have identified your location, try a quick google search and look for apartment rentals in the area you want to stay in.

Know your budget.

money box and electronic calculator

You have to find a place that not only suits your lifestyle but also doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. Remember, living alone means being responsible for all the things it entails.

That means paying the rent, including electricity, water, and internet bills. In the Los Angeles area alone, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that families paid 22.0 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) on average.

So before you select a new home, also consider if the money you have will fit all your monthly expenses. Also, if you’re planning to buy appliances, it would be wise to choose those with inverter technology that consume lesser electricity, ergo, fewer bills.

Decorate according to your taste.

Once you have successfully acquired your own space, it is time to spruce it up with decorations. Decorations are part of your identity and can reveal a lot about your personality.

In fact, according to a study by psychologist Samuel Gosling as published in the American Psychological Association, personal spaces such as bedrooms and offices can provide information about people’s personalities. The study says that based on how neat you are in your own space, it shows how open or conscientious you are as a person.

So once you start putting items and arranging your space, remember, the devil’s in the details, and people just may judge you based on how you design your home.

Invite people to your space.

There is certainly a sense of pride once you have successfully arranged a comfortable living space for yourself. Make yourself even prouder by inviting family and friends in. Imagine the proud look on their faces once they see you making it on your own.

Or maybe, you can finally invite that date we’ve been talking about. Who knows, your brand-new apartment may just help you find that partner you have long been waiting for.

Enjoy your own home. Be comfortable. Spread your wings. Walk naked around your apartment if you want. This is your chance to be alone and savor it.

They say that you have to be comfortable around yourself first before you really learn how to interact with other people. Certainly, living on your own will let you discover things about yourself, and since it is you, you have to learn to live with it, for better or for worse.


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