Under Your Roof: Homemaking Pointers to Note


It is 2021, and most families are home most of the time due to the quarantine period. With the social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home regulations, many people have gradually experienced cabin fever and mental health concerns. Working from home has become a source of burnout as well as studying from home. This is why families, especially parents, should take the necessary measures to look after the family’s well-being.

Parents, heads of households, and the rest of the family members should aim to keep everyone happy at home. This COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy on many of us, and helping out each other is the key to surviving these difficult times.

Homemaking or maintaining the home in good shape is crucial these days. Some families may even consider changing up the scenery for the family. Buying a new home might be what you need to help the family’s well-being if you have enough resources. These days, people continue to buy homes. Some services put up homes for sale fast if needed.

Homemaking 101

A homemaker maintains the home, manages the household, and is often a parent or guardian. Homemaking involves creating a safe space for the family at home. Being a homemaker is an important role these days when every day can become a source of stress because of the current situation. Even with the current crisis, homemakers have the power to make things better for the household members.

Homemaking includes supporting each member of the family in their individual pursuits. The art of homemaking is complex because it involves being familiar with what each family member personally needs to thrive as individuals in a given family unit.

Teaching Homemaking to Kids

Homemakers have the responsibility of raising kids well and instilling in them their responsibilities within their household. This is important at the early stages of development of a child wherein a homemaker can start introducing simple chores to young kids.

The key to successfully encouraging kids to do chores is not to focus on the task’s perfection. Praise and encourage your child during and after the chore to continuously give positive reinforcement to your kid. Another important thing to remember is to be consistent with assigning tasks to your kids so that they won’t rely on other people to clean up after them.

kids playing together

There are age-appropriate chores that can be assigned according to your child’s maturity. Learn what chores you can delegate to your kids as young as 2 years old.

For kids two to three years old, it is a given that these kids need close parental supervision. During playtime, your child could be taught how to put toys away properly. Wiping up spills like from milk or water during eating time can also be taught. Other simple tasks such as putting clothes in the hamper and dusting around the house can be closely supervised.

By age 4, your kid can move on to a bit more complex tasks such as clearing the dinner table and making their bed. Using a hand-held vacuum can also be slowly introduced with close supervision because even small appliances can be dangerous for small kids. Your kid can also start unloading dishes from the dishwasher.

These are some ways you can slowly introduce homemaking methods to your kids to help teach them the value of responsibility around the house. It will also instill in them the value of keeping the house tidy to maintain the house in good condition.

WFH Homemakers

Some homemakers may have been forced to find remote work during this pandemic because of the economic crisis. Partners may have lost their jobs, encouraging homemakers to take on more responsibility in the family.

Working from home during this pandemic is no joke because the stress of the crisis can intensely take a toll on one’s system. Simultaneously taking care of homemaking duties and remote work responsibilities could lead to burnout. As a homemaker, you should learn to manage your remote work setup properly.

Set up a conducive workspace for you to get minimal distractions from your family during work hours. If you and your partner seem to have switched responsibilities around the house, communicate properly regarding the new delegation of housework to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Look after your physical and mental health during this time, given that these are stressful days, so you should always set aside time for self-care. You can’t let this crisis get to you because you have a family that relies on you to stay strong.

Homemaking plays an important role in the household, and partners should recognize this fact. During this pandemic, though, roles in the household may have switched. Nevertheless, keeping the household safe should be every homemaker’s responsibility.


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